Fingerpicking Courses

Become a master of fingerstyle guitar with these resources

Fingerpicking Technique Courses

This course series takes you from complete beginner to fingerpicker – and then to intermediate/advanced levels.

Beginner Fingerpicking

Zero to fingerpicker in 30 days -perfect for beginners.
49,00 $

Intermediate Fingerpicking

Add melodies to your chord picking.
49,00 $

Advanced Fingerpicking

Polyrhythms, alternate tunings, harmonisations.
49,00 $

Blues Fingerpicking Courses

This course series helps you fingerpick blues and play blues solos and bass at the same time.

Beginner Blues Fingerpicking

The basics of fingerpicking blues - learn 5 blues songs
49,00 $

Intermediate Blues Picking

Blues fingerpicking over Minor/Shuffle/8-Bar blues
49,00 $

Advanced Blues Fingerpicking

Add alternate bass.
Piedmont & Travis picking.
49,00 $


Get an incredible deal by purchasing a bundle of things in one go

The Blues Fingerpicking Bundle

All 3 Blues Fingerpicking courses. Become a true blues fingerpicker with this series.
Original price was: 499,00 $.Current price is: 299,00 $.

The Kitchen Sink Bundle

All 6 of my courses, books and resources. Everything you need to master guitar.
Original price was: 499,00 $.Current price is: 299,00 $.
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