Fingerpicking Patterns

An essential part of fingerstyle guitar

10 Intermediate Fingerpicking Exercises

A set of 10 intermediate fingerpicking exercises - increasing gently in difficulty with audio files (fast/slow)

The 3/2 Polyrhythm

If you want to add some interesting rhythms to your fingerpicking - count the same rhythm in “threes” and “twos” (with video)

The 3/2 Polyrhythm on 2 strings

Practice the 3/2 polyrhythm on 2 strings - mastering a rhythm on each string (with video)

The 3/2 Polyrhythm with Arpeggios

The final polyrhythm fingerpicking lesson - play arpeggios while maintaining a “three” and “two” count (with video)

Introduction to Travis Picking

Travis Picking gives you that real "two guitars playing at once" sound. This intro focuses on the thumb (with audio fast/slow)

Travis Picking Part 2

How to add melody parts to the Travis bassline to build a solid fingerpicking sound (with audio fast/slow)

Travis Picking Part 3

Layering more complex rhythm parts to your Travis Picking with audio (fasts/slow)

Travis Picking Part 4

The final lesson in the Travis Picking series, focused on combining pinching to these patterns with audio (fast/slow)

Boogie Woogie Bass

Learn a more complex bassline to feature more than alternate thumb bass to your blues fingerpicking
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