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Photo of Liz - satisfied testimonial for learn guitar fingerpicking | learn fingerpicking

I previously tried two paid learning apps - but I got stuck at various stages and couldn't progress. But I'm blown away by this course so far. I can follow the videos and go from chords to fingerpicking patterns so easily. Absolutely no complaints. In fact, my husband is wondering how I got better overnight!

Liz Faulkener

I really enjoyed how easy the lessons were to follow - the approach is very logical and friendly. ​

Gabrielle Considere

gabrielle testimonial satisfied client learn fingerpicking guitar
Jon Photo Satisfied Testimonial - Learning guitar fingerpicking | Learn Fingerpicking

Amazing lessons. And it got better right until the end. Thanks Patrick! I highly recommend this course.

Jon Ivarsson

My fingerpicking has definitely improved by doing this course. Being able to now play a credible fingerstyle blues is particularly rewarding. The sequencing and buildup of each lesson is helpful for learning and I love that Patrick has provided standard music notation as well as tab for each lesson.

Patricia McMullen

Photo of Patricia - satisfied testimonial for learn guitar fingerpicking | learn fingerpicking
Play Video about Left Hand Fingers Video | Learn guitar fingerpicking
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