Guitar Practice Tips


Practice Tips

Guitar what to practice? Resources to help you get the maximum from every minute of practice

Slow Down Songs in Spotify

One awesome way to improve quickly is to use the Amazing Slow Downer to slow down your favorite songs in Spotify to practice with

Perfect Left-Hand Technique

Good left-hand technique will help you play faster. It will also prevent arm, wrist and finger pain.

Perfect Right-Hand Technique

This guide helps the fingerstyle guitar player to analyze their right-hand fingerpicking technique – to achieve effective playing and avoid wrist or arm pain.

Habit Stacking

Do you find it hard to get “into the habit” of guitar playing - but it’s just not happening? In this article, I’ll show you a surefire way for developing a guitar habit

Slow Down Songs in YouTube

A fantastic way to play faster is to slow down a YouTube video of a guitarist playing - then slowly speed it up

Setting a guitar practice target​

What's the key to becoming a great fingerstyle guitar player? It's not ability or having lots of time to practice! The secret is having a clear target in mind.

How to build a daily guitar habit

The most common questions I am asked about practicing - “how do I practice more” and “why can’t I manage to find the time”. Find out how!

Using Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a tablature software that you can use to playback tab at different speeds and tempos. I have included Guitar Pro files here for chapter 2 of my Zero To Guitar Fingerpicker book so you can try them out.

Why practicing daily is important

This article discusses why it is important to actually pick up that guitar and play for a small time each day

Guitar - what to practice?

You have your guitar in your lap. Now, what to practice and how to make the best use of time?

These practice tips will help you to identify the right habits and skills to practice effectively. They will also help you to identify the ideal practice routine for your current level.

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