beginner fingerstyle guitar lessons


Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

A set of lessons to get you started in fingerstyle guitar

Fingerpicking - which fingers play which strings?

Knowing which fingers and thumb to use on which strings is a core building block. It's the first thing we need to learn

How to get started on guitar

You need a few basics to get started - putting strings on the guitar and tuning it!

The T213 Pattern

A great way to introduce finger independence is to incorporate string skipping into your routine. This pattern is ideal for that.

The T132 Pattern

This is a very simple fingerpicking pattern you can learn in 5 minutes. It's a great exercises for building technique.

How to read Guitar Tab

Knowing how to read guitar tablature (tab) is important - most guitar books, videos and websites use it for lessons.

Introduction to Travis Picking

Travis Picking instantly opens up the world of fingerpicking. There is no more rewarding skill to learn.
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