Fingerpicking Patterns - the T132 pattern

Learn how to apply simple fingerpicking patterns to regular chords

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Fingerpicking patterns - T132

In this video, we play simple fingerpicking patterns (T132) over the C, G and A minor chords to create a beautiful repeating pattern that can be learned in minutes.


The T132 Pattern

Let’s play the T132 pattern in C then G then A minor. 

From the left-hand perspective, the thumb plays a note (T) then the index finger (1), ring finger(3) and middle finger (2) in that order.

Fingerpicking Pattern T132 in C

In C, it sounds like this (with the bass note on the 5th string with the C chord).

Fingerpicking Pattern T132 in G

In G, it sounds like this (with the bass note on the 6th string for G)

Fingerpicking Pattern T132 in A minor

In A minor (written Am), it sounds like this (bass note again on the 5th string)


Putting it all together

If we put all those together, it sounds like this.
Note the thumb will play bass notes on 5th string, 6th 

Now you can hear some nice ‘movement’ in the melody – it is not always going ‘up’ and ‘down’ like T123 sounds. So it gives you a really nice feel. 


Your exercise is to play this for 15 minutes, and maybe try it also with some other chords? Or try with these chords in different order? Either way, play it until it feels comfortable and you can play it naturally. 

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