Advanced Blues Fingerpicking

Add alternate bass, travis picking and piedmont style to your blues fingerpicking

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This course is the last in the Blues Fingerpicking series - focused on fusing advanced fingerpicking techniques with blues guitar playing

Today you can play some blues riffs & scales

After this course, you'll play the blues with alternate bass, travis picking, piedmont style picking and learn some major-pentatonic style country blues too!

You will be not only be able to play an open string as your bass accompaniment but you'll be able to take Travis Picking & Alternate Bass and play blues within that context - which will sound incredible -both to you and your listeners!

To play the blues with an advanced fingerstyle technique, this is the course for you!

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What's Included

High Definition Video

With multiple camera angles (so you can see what each hand is doing)

Lesson PDFs

Including guitar tablature for all parts. And helpful hints for nailing the last exercise if you found it a challenge

Audio Files

So you can play along with each example at multiple speeds, at your own pace

Intermediate Blues Fingerpicking course | what's included
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What does life look like with this course?

Once you begin:

You’ll start playing the blues right away. We begin with alternate bass in several keys to get you familiar with playing blues lines while the thumb is moving! Then we take the same approach with Travis Picking & Piedmont Picking.

You will feel a huge improvement in your guitar playing just by following the course material. Each lesson will give you a new stepping stone, and the sum total of all the lessons is that your playing will take a huge leap.

You will not encounter any ‘jumps’ in the material that suddenly mean that you are lost or unable to continue the course because I supply tips at the start of each lesson for those who found the last exercise challenging.

Once you finish:

Your musicianship and fingerpicking will have jumped a huge level and you’ll really feel like you’ve earned your fingerpicking stripes!

You will be able to:

  • Play complex bass lines while playing blues riffs
  • Apply alternate bass, travis picking & piedmont style to any blues chord progression you like
  • Play several advanced blues fingerpicking arrangments.

Ready to fingerpick the blues?



Module 1

Alternate Bass

In this module, we begin to construct the skills for the 3-guitar effect, including:

  • Training the thumb to play steady alternate bass
  • Learning 3 alternate bass examples
  • Playing a 12-Bar in E with alternate bass
  • Playing a 12-Bar in A with alternate bass
  • The song John Henry
  • The song Alternate Blues

After learning these techniques in module 1, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

Learn Blues Fingerpicking Intermediate | Melody
Play Video about Learn Blues Fingerpicking Intermediate | Melody

Module 2

Blues Travis Picking

In this module, we fuse travis picking with blues lead riffs:

  • The fundamentals of Travis Picking
  • Travis bass over E7, A7 & B7
  • Travis patterns over E7, A7 & B7
  • Six Blues Travis Picking riffs
  • Putting it all together

After learning these techniques in module 2, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

Learn Fingepicking Guitar | Advanced | Learn Guitar | Travis Picking
Play Video about Learn Fingepicking Guitar | Advanced | Learn Guitar | Travis Picking

Module 3

Piedmont Blues

In this module, we apply travis picking to country blues progressions with a Piedmont style fingerpicking by:

  • 12-Bar Blues in C with quick change
  • Travis picking a 12-Bar in C
  • Piedmont Style fingerpicking
  • Three Piedmont variants
  • Ragtime chord progressions
  • The major pentatonic scale
  • The song Nobody Knows You
  • The song Summit Blues

After learning these techniques in module 3, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

Play Video about Learn Fingepicking Guitar | Advanced | Learn Guitar | Summit Blues Piedmont Fingerpicking
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How you will benefit

You will enjoy playing guitar more than ever – now that you not only play chords but also explore melodic ideas

You will enjoy knowing that each minute spent on guitar brings your playing up a level – instead of just playing stuff you already know.

You will be able to progress at your own pace, moving on when you master a section – in your own time and safe in the knowledge that you massively improve your playing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • play blues riffs with alternate bass
  • play blues riffs accompanied by Travis Picking
  • play blues in a Piedmont style
  • play several ragtime chord pieces
  • learn the songs Alternate Blues & Summit Blues


This course was a good match. I've been working on fingerpicking style for a while now with mixed results. This course explained things and provided pieces that moved me forward pretty quickly. The blues still needs practice but I'm getting there. I've always wanted to pick the blues. Now i have the skills. Thank you.
John Doe
Excellent presentation in easy to learn segments. I appreciated the seamless integration of scales and learning how to create melodies within the context of the piece of music being taught. Highly recommended to anyone who has a basic grasp of chords and some fingerpicking.
Gabrielle Considere
Patrick's course is a great way for guitarists to begin learning fingerpicking style guitar playing. I've been playing guitar for 20 years, but had never really learned to play in the fingerpicking style, so I really wanted to get back to basics and learn the style in a methodical and structured way. This course has provided me with exactly what I was looking for, with the added bonus of an instructor like Patrick, whose lessons are clearly communicated in an engaging and relaxed fashion. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn fingerpicking on the guitar.
Antonio Marsilio

Optimized for your success

This structure of this program is designed to help you get results immediately:

  • A structured framework of 17 small parts.
  • That fit into a 15 minutes a day practice schedule.
  • Where each session gives you an exercise to practice at the end
  • And the following session will give you tips if you found that exercise challenging.
  • By the end of the course, you will have made huge progress (through 17 small steps that add up).

Take your playing to the next level



Frequently Asked Questions

Each lesson has a HD video with three camera angles (full, left hand and right hand) so that you can zone in and see what each hand is doing.

Each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF and the relevant music tablature for each lesson.

If you know how to play a 12-bar blues in any key on the guitar, then this course is a good choice for you if you want to advance your blues playing.

If not, consider doing the Beginner Blues Fingerpicking course first. Note you can buy all 3 blues fingerpicking courses as a bundle which gives you considerable discount!

There is a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Just email me using the contact form in the footer if you don’t feel like the course helped you to make progress.

Lead Fingerpicking is the ability to play a lead guitar line using individual guitar notes (rather than chords) at the same time as keeping a steady bassline going.

This makes your playing sound like 2 guitarists – one playing lead guitar and another playing bass. It’s an amazing skill to learn on guitar and it’s so much easier to master than people think. Follow the structured exercises in this course and find out for yourself.


Alternate Bass is a fingerpicking method that uses the thumb to play multiple alternated bass notes. Travis Picking is a way of playing thumb patterns and fingered strings to create a harp like effect. Piedmont Style is a blend of Travis Picking with chord strums to create a country blues fingerpicking effect.

Most people apply Travis Picking to a static chord.

For example, they fret a C chord and play it using Travis Picking.

This course focuses on lead fingerpicking – so the goal is to use Travis Picking to play blues riffs (lead guitar lines) while maintaining that Travis accompaniment. Quite different.

You can expect to enjoy the benefits of all the practice you have done since the day you started to really take off.

The final piece we learn in this course is Summit Blues. Watching this video will set your expectations.


Take your fingerpicking to the next level

Now is the time to become the fingerpicking guitarist you have always dreamed of being

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