The "Kitchen Sink" Ultimate Fingerpicking Bundle

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Students sometimes asks me what is the right course to buy, the right material to study and the right thing to practice.

The Kitchen Sink bundle is the answer.

This includes all the guitar instruction I have made to date.

It includes three full guitar courses - beginner, intermediate & advanced.

It includes six guitar books in pdf form

It includes three sets of audio files to help you practice (slow and fast speed) to the exercise in the previous courses and books

By the time you complete all this material, you will be at an exceptional level.

Whatever your level, this will give you months and years of material to work from - all structured logically so you can progress from one course or book to the next.

What's Included

3 Fingerpicking courses

The beginner, intermediate and advanced fingerpicking courses.
Each lesson with pdfs, guitar tab and multiple camera angle, HD video

6 Books

Including guitar tablature for all parts. And helpful hints for nailing the last exercise if you found it a challenge

3 sets of Audio Files

So you can play along with each example at multiple speeds, at your own pace

what you get

All Fingerpicking Courses

Three Full Fingerpicking Courses

This bundle includes all my fingerpicking courses, including

Beginner Fingerpicking Guitar Course – my Zero to Guitar Fingerpicker in 30 days course which has had over 20k students. Ideal for complete beginners

Intermediate Fingerpicking Guitar Course – the ideal follow-up to the beginner course which teaches you how to accomplish that multiple guitars at once effect. Begin to play melodies and bass as separate parts

Advanced Fingerpicking Guitar Course – the ultimate way to incorporate the advanced techniques that a modern acoustic fingerstyle guitarist would incorporate into their playing including a few ‘rite of passage’ pieces like Windy & Warm and Deep River Blues


Limited Offer

499,00 $
299,00 $

All Fingerpicking Books

Six Fingerpicking Books

This bundle includes six books. 

The new Zero to Guitar Fingerpicker beginner level book which has been updated. This is a 106 page pdf accompaniment to the course.

The Intermediate Guitar Fingerpicking book – which just like the above is a single file representing the entire Intermediate course with exercises and explanations

The Fingerpicking Cheat Sheet – a concise guide to which fingerpicking patterns you can apply to each chord

The Music Theory for Guitarists book is a labor of love. I’ve always felt guitar theory is logical and easy to explain and understand. Existing books and teachers do a terrible job at explaining it – but this is the ultimate concise guide to music theory, explained on the guitar fretboard

The 50 intermediate Fingerpicking Exercises book is a set of 50 exercises increasing in challenge level, that puts the learning of the intermediate course into life. Learn musical examples in common chord progressions of these ideas in action. This will be the difference between you following along with the course and starting to put the concepts into practice.

The Intermediate Fingerpicking Practice Schedule is a practical schedule for how to progress through the Intermediate Fingerpicking book on a daily level. This was a one-off bonus on a previous promotion that I’m including here. It will give you a day by day target for how to practice



All Audio Files

Three sets of exercise audio files 

This bundle includes 3 sets of audio files. 

These audio files are for corresponding exercises and play those exercises at both a fast and a slow speed. This enables you to actually hear the intended exercises and play along to it. 

Not sure sometimes what it’s supposed to sound like? Love to hear things at half-speed first so you can actually get the idea down before speeding up? These exercise audio files will really make a difference for you. 

The audio files (fast & slow) for the Zero to Guitar Fingerpicker course

The audio files (fast & slow) for the Intermediate Guitar Fingerpicking course

The audio files (fast & slow) for the 50 Intermediate exercises



Limited Offer

499,00 $
299,00 $

A truly exceptional bundle

Get all the fingerpicking guitar material you'll ever need

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