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Ready for advanced fingerpicking?

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This course will transform you as a musician.

Today you can fingerpick and apply interesting fingerpicking patterns to a chord sequence.

After this course, you'll sound like a modern acoustic fingerstyle guitarist -with the ability to accent rhythms percussively, use alternate tunings and play different polyrhythms in your bass and lead lines

You will be able to play convincing versions of songs that are a "rite of passage" for real fingerpickers - Windy & Warm (Chet Atkins) and Deep River Blues (Doc Watson)

You'll play things on your guitar that you never thought possible - while learning the building blocks that let you learn core skills that help you improve your level

This approach helps you to develop your own voice - while working through material that helps you reach a higher level

What's Included

High Definition Video

With multiple camera angles (so you can see what each hand is doing)

Lesson PDFs

Including guitar tablature for all parts. And helpful hints for nailing the last exercise if you found it a challenge

Audio Files

So you can play along with each example at multiple speeds, at your own pace

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What does life look like with this course?

Once you begin:

You’ll be able to study and master exactly those techniques you need to add melodic playing to your fingerpicking – with just 15 minutes a day. 

You will feel a huge improvement in your guitar playing that is almost effortlessly acquired. Each lesson will give you a new stepping stone, and the sum total of all the lessons is that your playing will take a huge leap.

You will not encounter any ‘jumps’ in the material that suddenly mean that you are lost or unable to continue the course because I supply tips at the start of each lesson for those who found the last exercise challenging.

Once you finish:

Your musicianship and fingerpicking will have jumped a huge level and people watching you play guitar will be genuinely impressed.

You will be able to:

  • Take any melody that you are able to play – AND any bassline that you’re able to play and blend them together to make a fingerstyle arrangement.
  • Mix playing a melody, strumming chords and playing basslines all into one guitar part that gives you the three-guitarists-playing effect.
  • Wow people when you bust out your guitar at a party by playing a fingerstyle blues – and jam with other musicians who are playing a blues number.

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Module 1

How polyrhythms work on acoustic guitar

In this module, our bass (thumb) and melody (fingers) keep different time rhythms 

  • The concept of polyrhythm
  • The 3/2 polyrhythm
  • How to count polyrhythms
  • Fingerpicking polyrhythms
  • Playing polyrhythms on different strings
  • Playing polyrhythmic arpeggios
  • Putting it all together

After learning these techniques in module 1, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

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Module 2

Windy & Warm

In this module, we play a piece in the style of Windy & Warm to 

  • Improve articulation
  • Mix melody with bass
  • Master the 5-4-6-4 pattern with melodies
  • Mix hammer-ons into fingerpicking patterns
  • Mix slide notes into fingerpicking patterns
  • Adding arpeggios to melody and bass
  • Learn a tune covered by Chet Atkins

After learning these techniques in module 2, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

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Module 3

Deep River Blues

In this module, we learn a song in the style of Deep River Blues to push our bass and lead playing

  • Changing bass patterns every bar
  • Mixing open strings and fretted melody notes
  • Fingerpicking the blues
  • Inverted chords
  • Lead guitar playing blues style
  • Blues turnarounds 
  • Learning a complex fingerpicking piece

After learning these techniques in module 3, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

Play Video about thumbnail for module 3 of intermediate fingerpicking guitar

Module 4

Advanced Techniques

In this module, we blend a number of advanced techniques to create an amazing effect:

  • Play in alternate tunings
  • Concept of scale harmonization
  • Playing melodies on non-adjacent strings
  • Adding percussive elements
  • Playing percussive sounds on the note & in-between
  • Further polyrhythmic applications
  • Learn an arrangment of Lean On Me in alternate tuning with polyrhythms and harmonized scales

After learning these techniques in module 4, you’ll be able to play the exercise in the video below.

Play Video about thumbnail for module 4 of intermediate fingerpicking guitar
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How you will benefit

You will enjoy playing guitar more than ever – now that you not only play chords but also explore melodic ideas

You will enjoy knowing that each minute spent on guitar brings your playing up a level – instead of just playing stuff you already know.

You will be able to progress at your own pace, moving on when you master a section – in your own time and safe in the knowledge that you massively improve your playing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • play 3 advanced songs
  • Windy & Warm
  • Deep River Blues
  • Lean On Me
  • Play different bass patterns within one song
  • Play harmonized melody
  • Harmonize a scale
  • Count polyrhythms
  • Play the 3/2 polyrhythm on guitar
  • Add percussive sounds to your playing
  • Break out of ‘straight’ fingerpicking to use your guitar like an orchestra

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Clear and not to much long! Love the songs I could learn as well.
Gianluigi Martone
Excellent teacher presentation covering advanced fingerpicking accomplished in the same format as his previous courses----step-by step clear and concise scaffolding toward mastery with excellent auditory and visual aids while learning the pieces and techniques.
Mollie Dishal
I consider myself an intermediate player and this course has helped me improve my fingerpicking skills a great deal! The difficulty level increases rather quickly, but if you practice regularly you will definitely see results! I really like how Patrick keeps his students motivated, especially when the exercises get more challenging 🙂
Maura Duke

Optimized for your success

This structure of this program is designed to help you get results immediately:

  • A structured framework of 16 small parts.
  • That fit into a 15 minutes a day practice schedule.
  • Where each session gives you an exercise to practice at the end
  • And the following session will give you tips if you found that exercise challenging.
  • By the end of the course, you will have made huge progress (through 16 small steps that add up).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each lesson has a HD video with three camera angles (full, left hand and right hand) so that you can zone in and see what each hand is doing.

Each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF and the relevant music tablature for each lesson.

The course is a natural follow-on from my second course – Intermediate Guitar FingerpickingIf you have completed that course, this is the PERFECT way to continue your amazing progress.

If you don’t know much/any fingerpicking, I recommend my beginner course – From Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days.

If you have never played a guitar or cannot play a chord on guitar, try instead my beginner course – – From Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days.

If you know a bit of fingerpicking, but you haven’t done the Intermediate course, I would recommend doing that course before this one.

Students will need to have a guitar and be able to dedicate 15 minutes per day. 


Take your fingerpicking to the next level

Now is the time to become the fingerpicking guitarist you have always dreamed of being

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