Fingerpicking Cheat SHEET

Know which Patterns work for Every Chord

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This guide was really helpful as I started to learn my first fingerpicking patterns. Recommended!
Alicia Sandle

Concepts in the book

Fingerpicking Patterns

Learn a set of patterns that you can use over every chord


See which chords have tonic bass notes on each string


Armed with this knowledge, you can pick the right pattern each time

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Ever wondered what your options were when considering which fingerpicking patterns you could use over a given chord? Wonder no more!

"Finally a concise way to know which fingerpicking patterns I can apply to chords of any song I want to fingerpick!"
Raymond Adams
author of this amazing book is patrick o'malley and this is his profile pec

About Author

Patrick O'Malley

Patrick has taught over 30k guitarists with his fingerpicking guitar courses and instructional materials.

"Being a capable fingerpicker can happen in 30 days - with the right structure and spending a little time each day ."

Fingerpicking CHEAT SHEET

Know Which Patterns Work For Every Chord​

Ever wondered what your options were when choosing fingerpicking patterns over a given chord?

Wonder no more!

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